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How To Shrink Fibroids

Uterine fibroids or leiomyomata are noncancerous tumours that form in the womb. As many as 70% of women will experience Fibroid Symptoms at certain times of their lives. Usually, fibroids do not cause any symptoms. But sometimes fibroids can cause severe pain and bleeding. When fibroids cause pain or some other symptoms, consult your doctor before you try to shrink fibroids naturally.

– Method “monitor and wait”

Doctors used to take a proactive approach to deal with fibroids using invasive procedures that were not needed. But now, many doctors advice to “wait with caution” when small fibroids do not cause significant problems like abnormal bleeding, sterility, or severe pain during menstruation. Many fibroids eventually shrink themselves over time.

Fibroids tend to form at the age of reproduction, grow enlarged concurrently with pregnancy, and shrink after entering menopause. Better to wait for several years than to have surgery or take any medication that can cause bad side effects. Since most fibroids almost never turn into cancer, it is not why fibroids are left in the body as long as they do not cause other problems. Although there is fibroid in the abdominal area that you can feel when pressed or even can be seen if checked at close range, you may not need to eliminate it unless it must be done. If you want to try the monitoring method and wait, go to the doctor first and make sure if it is really fibroids. Other types of growth that are not fibroids should be immediately performed a medical intervention.

– Use green tea extract or drink green tea

In clinical experiments, epigallocatechin gallate (green tea extract) can alleviate the hardness of fibroid symptoms. Women who consumed green tea extract experienced milder fibroid symptoms, and the size of fibroids shrank an average of 32.6%.

Keep in mind that this is only a small study and no randomised trial to study the effectiveness of this treatment. There are no serious side effects in women who consume green tea extract to deal with fibroids. Research shows that green tea can reduce the growth of fibroids in mice. Green tea can prevent the growth of new fibroids, although the research is still not convincing.

– Perform physical therapy

A study shows that physical therapy can be effective for shrinking fibroids and reduce fibroid symptoms in some women. Consult a physician to find out whether physical therapy is right for you or not. Realise that physical therapy may be able to handle the pain or symptoms, but can not overcome the underlying fibroid problem.

– Consider undergoing acupuncture

A study shows that acupuncture can be effective to relieve symptoms of fibroids in some women. If you have not found a potent treatment, this treatment is worth considering because usually, acupuncture has only minor side effects. Be sure to choose a licensed acupuncturist. Ask for a referral from a doctor. Always tell your doctor if you are taking any additional medication.

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