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HIV Or AIDS Process

The incubation period or latency period depends greatly on the immune system of each person an average of 5-10 years, during which time no person exhibits any symptoms even as the number of HIV increases and T-4 cells decreases. The lower the number of T-4 cells, the more damaged the immune system functions. By the time the immune system is already in a severe state, people living with HIV will begin to show symptoms of AIDS. Visit Singapore PEP HIV Clinic to get a test on HIV/AIDS.

Briefly, the journey of HIV / AIDS can be divided into 4 stages, namely:

– First stage: HIV
Infection begins with the entry of HIV and is followed by serologic changes when the antibodies against the virus from negative turn positive. The time span since HIV enters the body until an antibody test against HIV becomes positive is called window period. The old window period is between 1-3 months, some even lasting up to 6 months.

– Second stage: Asymptomatic (no symptoms)
Asymptomatic means that inside the body organ is HIV-bound but the body shows no symptoms. This situation can take an average of 5-10 years. This healthy-looking body fluid is able to transmit HIV to others.

– Third stage: enlarged lymph nodes

This phase is characterised by persistent generalised lymphadenopathy, not only in one place and lasting more than one month.

– Fourth stage: AIDS
This situation is accompanied by a variety of diseases, including constitutional diseases, neurological diseases and secondary infectious diseases

The main symptoms of HIV are:

– Prolonged fever for more than three months
– Chronic diarrhoea for more than one month repeatedly and continuously
– Weight loss of more than 10% in three months.

Minor symptoms:

– A chronic cough for more than a month
– Infection of the mouth and throat caused by Candida Albikan fungus.
– Swollen lymph nodes that settle throughout the body
– The appearance of recurrent herpes zoster
– Itchy spots all over the body.

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