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Essential Bhutan Travel Recommendations

Bhutan is a country found in Asia and situated between India and China with square kilometers of 39,000 approximately. If you’re looking for a place to spend with your loved ones on your next vacation, this is a place to be. Basically what attracts people to this peaceful kingdom is that it’s full of attractions that will give you unforgettable memories it’s like you are landing in a fairy-tale valley-full of breathtaking memories and ancient dwellings. Below are an essential Bhutan travel recommendations.

Things you should know before going to Bhutan

Visa is the most necessary tool needed when planning a trip to Bhutan. Tourism Council has made it easier for visa application; this can be done through online where you also get to pay online or through travel agents. When traveling to Bhutan remember to change the currency to ngultrum, but Indian rupees are also accepted as local tender.

Among Bhutan travel recommendations, you should also consider the weather in different regions. Bhutan’s weather varies throughout the year, and the location also matters, when you are on the southern side, the weather could be hot and humid due to the sub-tropical climate whereas the Northern could be cold even during the summer because of the high altitude found in the area.

Bhutan does have different attraction sites, events and so many ancient arts like the known Tsechu festival where you get to learn some of the vibrant and dynamic cultures of the country. Archery has been an old art done in Bhutan from a very long time where you can get to see some real actions in the range. There are quite some languages used in the region so if you planning to travel it’s better to learn some conversational phrases to impress the locals.

Understanding some of these valuable tips concerning Bhutan travel recommendations will not only save you time but also Bhutan travel cost. As a matter of fact, it’s critical to work with reliable travel agencies in Bhutan who are known for their quality services.

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